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New Waco business park will feature kidney dialysis clinic

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A new clinic where patients can undergo kidney dialysis as they sleep at the facility overnight will anchor the Greenway Business Park now under construction.

The park is going up on 27 acres at Bagby Avenue and Corporation Parkway, near the new Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center and right across the parkway from Legends Crossing.

Dr. Richard Gibney, one of eight physicians who will use the clinic as part of Central Texas Nephrology Associates, said the project is set to break ground on June 1 and open Feb. 1, 2011.

Four businessmen bought the land from the Waco Industrial Foundation to create Greenway Business Park.

Besides the 13,000-square-foot dialysis center, it will have an assisted living center and professional offices primarily for medical use, said Stephen Beard, president and managing partner.

Joining Beard in the venture are Don Sharp, former CEO of Big Red Inc.; Don Moes, founder of Equipment Depot; and Jim Turner, who built the nation’s largest soft-drink bottler, primarily with the Dr Pepper brand.

The dialysis clinic likely will serve as the showplace for the park.

It will have 16 traditional stations for patients who take four hours of dialysis three days a week.

But Gibney said he’s most proud of the eight stations devoted to nocturnal dialysis. Patients will use them from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. three days a week. They can get a night’s sleep while receiving their treatments.

Dialysis does the work of malfunctioning kidneys by removing toxins and excess fluid from the body.

“Nocturnal dialysis is a gentle dialysis because it takes place over eight hours instead of four,” Gibney said. “You don’t have nearly as many problems with low blood pressure and cramps as you do with four-hour dialysis. You feel dramatically better, and mortality and hospitalization rates are much lower.”

Fresenius Medical Care, an international firm, will own and manage the dialysis center for the eight doctors. It already manages nine dialysis clinics around Waco and Central Texas, where Gibney and his fellow doctors work.

The Hillcrest location will not replace these clinics, Gibney said, adding it is meant to provide convenience and additional services to the 300 patients served by Central Texas Nephrology Associates.

With work about to begin on the clinic, crews and heavy equipment are busy preparing the site for a main roadway called Crosslake Parkway, water and sewer lines and a detention pond to catch water runoff.

“We will develop the site as quickly as demand dictates,” Beard said. “The dialysis clinic will take just a fraction over 2 acres, so we’ll have a lot of land left. We will sell land or build to suit, and we would love to have doctor’s offices or any other medically or professionally related business.”

He said the partners are talking to more than one group interested in an assisted-living center.

Real estate agent Brad Harrell is marketing the property for $6.50 to $10.50 a square foot, with a 2-acre minimum.

At those prices, an acre would range in cost from $283,140 to $457,380.

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