Floyd Casey Stadium Implosion In Lightning
May 14, 2016 Comments Closed

Case Closed: Floyd Casey Stadium Imploded On Saturday Morning

Posted by:Adam Voight onMay 14, 2016

The last standing structure of Baylor University’s Floyd Casey Stadium was be taken down by implosion on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM.

This completed the demolition of the stadium that has been replaced by McLane Stadium on I­nterstate 35.

The implosion was scheduled for 7:00 AM Saturday and generated a rather loud noise.

The site was secured and there was no public access during the procedure, which was conducted by Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition.

The entire parking lot was closed at 6:00 AM, with pre-­implosion warnings given at 6:55 AM and 6:59 AM.

Below are some of the video recorded from the Floyd Casey Stadium’s last day.

“Floyd Casey Stadium Implosion | Waco, Texas – May 14, 2016”
Video By: Adam Voight

“Floyd Casey Demolition – 05/14/2016 – KWTX”
Video Shot By: KWTX

“Rain pours down as Floyd Casey falls”
Video By: WacoTrib.com

About Floyd Casey Stadium

Originally known as Baylor Stadium, the stadium was renamed at halftime of the November 5, 1988 homecoming game when it was renamed for Floyd Casey by his son, university trustee and longtime booster Carl B. Casey of Dallas, who gave $5 million towards an $8 million stadium renovation project.

Construction of the old stadium was begun in May of 1949 with the first game played in it against the Houston Cougars in 1950.

The last game played there was December 7, 2013 against the Texas Longhorns.

The stadium could seat 50,000.

The eighty-­plus acres occupied the the stadium and parking lot will be going to the City of Waco in a land swap deal, with Baylor University getting a tract of land directly adjacent to McLane Stadium.

Baylor is getting a much smaller tract, but the land they are receiving is considered prime real estate near the Brazos River and adjacent to I­35.

The city had provided millions in funding for infrastructure to support the new stadium with the agreement being that Baylor would be responsible for the demolition of Floyd Casey, that it would not be allowed to sit there empty.

The land swap deal was worked out separately, with the city planning to make the land available for development.

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